Hosting A Hen Party On A Budget

If you are hosting a hen party and want to stick to a budget, we have no doubt that our hen party ideas will help you. There are so many things a group of women can do and stay within a budget. One such idea is to host a party of some sort, like and adult bingo party. You can go buy a bingo game and a number of cost effective prizes. You play bingo and maybe change the rules around a bit to keep in interesting, and whoever wins gets a nice prize. No one said these prizes have to mean anything or even be super valuable, in fact that is half the fun.

If you go to a store that sells gift cards you can grab a few extra are not put any money on them, so they are really worthless or you can add the smallest amount possible on them, perhaps even a single dollar and mix them in with a higher price prize. So, you have a few cards with no value and a few cards with five, ten or twenty dollars. This idea becomes even more fun because as the girls win each gave they get a gift card that they get to pick from the pile. They all know that it way be worth zero or twenty or anywhere between. You now give the girls an opportunity to trade cards with each other at any time. For example, if Betty wins, she picks her card. Next round of bingo, Sue wins and she picks her card. Betty can trade with Sue or Sue can ask Betty to trade and this goes on a one throughout the night.

The thing about using hen party ideas like these are that they are fun and cost effective too. The more fun you create the better the party will be and the more it will be remembered. You can also take back all of the gift cards at the end and replace them with ones of equal value, the choice is really yours.